Where to start?

As I stand in my hallway, I scratch my head. Where do we start? The dodgy kitchen? the frozen bathroom? The old boiler? The rotten windows? The rusty front door? The gaps in the floorboard? The uneven flooring throughout?

You would say: Why did you buy this house then? I could see the potential. I could see us living happily in it. I could see that it was a shell that needed time, love and care to become a beautiful home. Besides selling my first floor 2 bedrooms flat in North London for a 3 bedrooms with loft semi-detached with garden, garage and parking, I could not believe it. We made the right choice. It’s great area. 9 min walk from the train station that goes to london Bridge or Victoria in about 30-40 min. Surrounded by green spaces, trees and hills, it’s ideal.