New boiler quote 2: £4219.37

Quote 2: £4219.37.
We had a very good feel and were ready to go with “affordable boiler” but unfortunately they were not available for a couple of months, so we chosen quote 1 who said: “I can do it next week”. We were about to move in and needed it done on very short notice.

Letter-quote-received (March 2010)

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Estimate No………PLB376


Mr & Mrs  H


Dear Mr & Mrs H.

Thank you for allowing us the chance to discuss your heating requirements for your property at 51 Beverley Road, and you have requested that we supply you with the following estimate to install a New SEDBUK A High Efficiency Boiler as required by the Gas & Building Regulations which came into effect April 1st 2005. We discussed your requirements and decided that a Worcester-Bosch 28i Junior Combination Boiler would compliment your central heating system and bathroom requirements giving you a very efficient and reliable system.

Due to Affordable Boilers/SDN Gas & Heating Services being accredited and approved by Worcester Bosch to install their products we are able to offer you extra guarantees on all the boilers we install.

To install a new SEDBUK A Worcester Bosch 28i Junior Combination Boiler, which delivers up to 82,000 BTU’s through your radiators and up to 11.4 litres of hot water a minute to your taps. The dimensions of this boiler are…(H…710,W… 400,D… 330). I am also pleased to be able to offer you a full 5 years guarantee from the manufacturer on this boiler that covers all parts and labour, this is 3years more than other non accredited installers can offer, and the heat exchanger is covered for 10 years (parts only). These guarantees are of course subject to Worcester-Bosch’s servicing and commissioning requirements. The i range of boilers were voted number 1 for value and reliability by Gas engineers in the CORGI awards 2009/10.

The work schedule is as follows.

1…We will decommission your old boiler and connected services.

2… We will install the chosen boiler in the garage (as we discussed) in accordance with the Manufacturers Instructions and the revised Gas Safety Regulations, this will also involve constructing a non flammable cement board framework to hang the boiler on.

3… We will run and terminate the vertical flue for the boiler in accordance with BS5440 part 2), we will use the Worcester-Bosch vertical flue kit and extensions, we will also use the dedicated Worcester-Bosch lead flashing kit and not a cheap alternative to guarantee water tightness.

4… We will check there is sufficient ventilation for your new boiler in accordance with BS5440 part 1.

5… We will run and terminate the condensate pipework in accordance with the Manufacturers Instructions and the relevant building regulations; this will be done using white 22mm and 32mm black plastic pipe and it will terminate into your waste gulley.

6… We will make all the connections to your new boiler in British Standard Copper, using the route that we have discussed (trying to pick up the heating flow and return pipework from the hallway.

                 7… We will test all your Gas pipework for tightness and advise you as to the findings of the test, the gas pipe diameter will have to be expanded to a minimum of 22mm so that the modulating gas valve can enable the boiler to reach its optimum SEDBUK A rated efficiency, and this will be run using the route that we have discussed.

8… We will air test all the new pipework up to a pressure of 3 bar (Twice the normal operating pressure for a Combination Boiler) to test for any leaks for a period of no less than 20 minutes before any water is allowed to enter the system.

9…We will reconfigure all of the pipework in your airing cupboard for the conversion from semi gravity to a combination boiler system.

10…We will (if required) install a TF1 magnetic filter on the return pipework to your boiler to help protect it against harmful deposits that could damage the heat exchanger.

11… We will (if required) install a limebeater scale reducing system to protect the plate heat exchanger from the build up of limescale.

12… We will install a new radio frequency programmable room thermostat, so that you will have complete control over your new boiler.

13… We will power flush your system with a Kamco CF30DDV machine and cleansing chemicals to             remove any debris that is present in the Pipework, and a system inhibitor will also be added to prolong the life of your new system. (As required by the manufacturer to validate their warranty). *Please Read Powerflushing Terms.

14… We will the commission the appliance as required by the Manufacturers Instructions and also the   Gas Safety Regulations.

15… We will make good the brickwork around the old flue.

16… We will instruct you in the operation of your new boiler to ensure that you are happy with its functions and controls and will show you the most economical way to use your new appliance.

17… We will dispose of all rubbish at a local authority approved site.

This next section is extremely important please read carefully.

We will fill out all the relevant paperwork on yourbehalf and register this product with CORGI/Gas Safe Register. We will also notify your local building control so they can certify that a CORGI/Gas Safe registered company with all the necessary Energy Efficiency Part L qualifications deemed necessary for this installation has installed it. This is now a legal requirement for any new gas appliance installed and it WILL affect the value of your house substantially if the installers do not hold ALL the required qualifications.

Total price to install Worcester-Bosch 28i Junior ………………… £4219.37

Important Notice

1… If you would like to include the installation of a Magnaclean Filter to protect your boiler from harmful deposits then please add £179.95 to this total.

2… If you would like to include the installation of a limebeater scale reducing system then please add £99.95 to this total.


                             Including parts, labour and VAT@ 20%.

Affordable Boilers are registered installers for the Government ‘Warmfront’ scheme.

As I explained at my site visit we can only guarantee any work (including pipework) that is installed by Affordable Boilers. The work schedule should take up to 2/3 days to complete. We do also have to advise you that we are not professional carpet fitters and whilst we do take care while removing and replacing floor coverings we can’t guarantee damage will not occur. We also would like you to know that we will endeavour to give you heating with your new boiler overnight on the first day but this cannot be guaranteed. We do try to keep disruption down to a minimum but you do have to understand that converting a heating system is a major project and there will be a substantial amount of dust and dirt and maybe even slight damage to interior decoration.

*Powerflushing Terms

Powerflushing a system prior to any work being carried out on a central heating system is now a requirement set out by any boiler manufacturer, this is a process where water and chemicals are pumped through your pipework at a very high velocity and this will have the effect of removing any flux residue and also the iron oxide (Black Sludge) that is prevalent in every central heating system. This process will help to eliminate any radiator cold spots and will also dispose of any residue that could potentially damage your new boiler and invalidate the guarantee. This process will not rectify faults that occur through having a badly designed system (Pumping over etc). If you have an open vented system with a header tank in the loft then this process has the potential to show up any weak points in your system and could result in leaks occurring from old pipes and/or radiators that are either rusted or badly fitted. Please note   the Powerflushing process has not caused this damage but it has simply accelerated any problems and leaks that WILL occur in the future, and this could be while you are absent from the house possibly on a holiday. It is in our experience that if this is to happen it is better that a qualified heating engineer is present to rectify these problems if/when they occur. All manufacturers insist that a system is flushed before a new boiler is installed and failing to do so could render their warranty period void. Acceptance of the quote from Affordable boilers is also deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

For Your Information…

Affordable Boilers/SDN Gas & Heating Services are fully qualified CORGI & Gas Safe Registered Gas Installers/Engineers (Reg No 210236), and are Approved and Authorised Specialist Installers and Service Partners for all Worcester-Bosch products.  We are included in ‘Which’ magazine as a recommended Installation Company. We are licensed to install and service any domestic appliance that is powered by Natural Gas. We are also a certified Energy Efficient Installation Company (Part L compliant) and this is registered by the HSE & CORGI. We are qualified and Registered Plumbers & are licensed to install unvented “Megaflow” type cylinders. We are also registered with the Institute of Powerflushing and are Certified “Tracpipe” Installers. So feel secure in the knowledge that your heating system is in good hands.

We have a very strict policy on the standard of our work and we are able to supply references to this effect.

Affordable Boilers only employ fully qualified plumbers, and you are guaranteed our full attention from the start of the job through to its conclusion.

Please make sure that all other company’s quoting for this job do so on the same boilers and the same work schedule. It has been my experience that the cheaper quotes will always omit some detail that could not only invalidate your manufacturers guarantee but may also be illegal.

Once again many thanks for allowing me the opportunity to discuss your heating and hot water requirements, and please feel free to give me a call if there is any part of this estimate that you would like explained or revised.


Stuart Nicholson

Affordable BoilersCommitted To Saving You Money On All Your   Domestic Gas & Heating Needs.