Your boiler does not have to be in the kitchen


Boiler removed from kitchen
Boiler removed from kitchen

When we first moved in, we freaked out. The boiler that was in the kitchen seemed on but yet none of the radiators were warm. As we got the keys mid-December but weren’t going to move until March, we were worried pipes would freeze and we’d have to re-plumb the whole house.

The former owners did not leave instructions on how to turn the boiler on or switch it off. We rang the estate agent, who called them. Only to be told, “it worked fine when we left”. It took us ages, lots of internet searching for the boiler instructions and a bit of luck, to get it going, then some radiators warmed up and some did not.

Kitchen radiator? Dead. Bathroom radiator? Dead. Corridor radiator fairly cold. Bedroom and living room radiators seems to warm up a bit. It wont be warm in here for a while.

So we decided to get quotes for a new boiler to be installed before we moved in. One builder, we will call him Tony, suggested we moved the boiler further down the wall, to make better use of the kitchen wall. We thought it was a good idea and mentionned it to Dean the first plumber who came to quote us. Dean simply said:
“Your boiler does not have to be in the kitchen”.

He explained he could very easily be put in the garage if he had easy access to the pipes under the floorboard from kitchen to the corridor to the cupboard under the stairs, which leads to the garage wall. A perfect opportunity to update the boiler and free kitchen wall space: magic. the first piece of good news ina while. So we thought, we’ll go for this but not before getting a second quote. Prices to come in a future post.