New front door / new windows checklist

It’s happening. I am so happy. A  very noisy and very cold day – see why on the photos.
Checklist: new door and new windows require:
  • inital quote (get at least 3 to compare!)
  • pay 10% deposit
  • surveyor visits to measure exactlyand confirm design and openings
  • 2 weeks average wait, with the company we have chosen (other company offered 6 weeks to installation date)
  • You must clear out near window/door area to allow work to be done
  • Lots of noise to knock out old window/door (drilling, banging thype noise)
  • Expect debris as well, but very good company put sheets down to protect your home
  • New frame, new window, new door installed, including make good sill surround and outdoor (most often not painting the wall of your)
  • No need of scaffolding for first floor (if a company talk to you about scaffolding, run, right now
  • Up to 4 windows can be done in one day depending on the size and access of the windows
  • The company will dispose of old windows so you dont have to worry about that.
  • if your home is not in a conservation area and if your building is not listed you can pretty much change any window as you wish. If your home is in one of the above, you will have to seek planning permission at your local council.
  • After the work is done you will receive official document from FENSA, to approve the work done and confirm the health and safety requirements have been made.
New door from inside
New door from inside
Old door/window out

Old door/window out