Designing a kitchen or bathroom in your head

For some people it is the hardest bit. Yes I want a new kitchen but what will it look like. I don’t know what to choose. There are too many options. If you are a couple you need to have at least one person who can picture it and the other one will have the more practicle approach. For example, at first I was thinking of a mirror splashback or glass. But my husband highlighted how you would see any dirt showing a lot. Then we saw a glass slpashback in a showroom and I realised that it was definitely not the look I wanted. It was red glass but it was like a mirror and I don’t really want to look at myself while cooking… I also found it useful to put all oamges of kitchen I like in a notepad as my own moodboard and request free sample for flooring or buy one tile to get an idea of it. And I am quite good at drawing in 3D to give an idea of where applicances or cabinet will be.