Integrated microwave: do not use Howdens Kitchen

door above microwave
door above microwave

This photo shows the great product Howdens sells you. I will shortly put the digital photo the kitchen designer sent me. It did not mention at all that and I quote “Howdens does not have kitchen door to fit cabiinet above microwave, so we’ll glue 2 drawers together and add a handle” the builder said.

The result? A not so hot microwave cabinet. When you know the whole kitchen (building work and appliances and units) come to almost £14,000 you want to scream: DO NOT USE HOWDENS KITCHEN!
They did not apologise when I said I was not happy with it.
When the builder suggested that he could cut a normal kitchen unit door to size and put sealant on the top, I said ok let’s try this and see what it looks like. But sadly he never even tried. So now I got a fancy kitchen with a ‘horrible’ cupboard door. I don’t thank you Howdens Kitchen Purley.