Bathroom: knocking down the toilet wall

At last, space to go to the bathroom without my knees touching the door! oh wait, there is no door!

Building work has started.

With lots of noise and a skip outside, the wall bewteenthe toilet and the bathroom has been knocked down.

Tiles removed. Pipes, exposed.

We are now going to go to the bathroom with no door for the next two weeks. Thankfully it is August and it hsould nto be too cold. But the dust and the smell is not fun.

And I have to drive to my in-laws to shower myself and my 16 months old son. My husband showers at work. Welcome to my world.

My friend Marianne asked: “Nooooo! How are you managing? Washing in the kitchen sink?? ;)”. I just replied: “bucket / garden hose or when it rains I go outside with shower gel and strip ;-)”.