Bathroom supplies:


Sink and toilet:
Mats: Marks and Spencer

I did a lot of research and with my husband we decided to buy most of it online as we found out it was much cheaper for the exact same items. 


Arc Toilet and cistern.
Photo credit

We liked:

  • bathtub with really wide shower space
  • sink with 2 large drawers perfect for storage of products and towels
  • taps: mixer are a must and square simple lines looked good
  • the toilet for its smooth lines and flush to the wall, easy to clean, no dust behind! and of course soft closing.

We did not like

  • bath:
    That the plumber said he was afraid to drill in bath to attach the taps that bath was going to break as it is acrylic AND the free shower screen that came with it was fixed, so we could not use it, we needed a swivel screen, that thankfully I tracked down at another supplier
  • sink:
    Even though it looks stunning, I wished now I bought the Odessa rather than the Seattle. Why? Because the Odessa has more space on each side of the sink to put down items and is very curvy inside so easier to clean. the Seattle is flat which the photo does not display to well and so a bit more difficult to clean and the water does not run as smoothly down to the plughole. So even if I saw the photo online it’s the one thing I like the least in our bathroom. Photos to compare below.
  • Stainless steel cabinet:
    Condensation gets inside and we cant leave deodorant spray with metal bottom in it as it makes it rust, so much for stainless steel, otherwise, very good space for lots of storage.

Odessa sink, Photo credit


Seattle sink. Photo credit: