How to deal with builders #1

I found out, the hard way, how to deal with builders. I would leavemy housei n the morning not being sure what was going to be done that day.

  • builder are not on schedule
  • always have back up money and back up time: it will cost more than what was quoted and it will take longer
  • stand strong on your decision. Everything and anything can be done. if a builder tells you”it cant be done” then find another builder.
    It just means they do not want to do the job
  • if they quote you £18K out of the air without any breakdown or references for their work, run
  • if a builder say “if we make changes it will crteate delays, I dont know if my team can etc” stand strong, you will live there, they won’t. It is your house, do it like you want and not like the builder want.
  • builders will give you a quote depending on the area you live in: for the same bathroom in a different post code they might charge £2,000 more for the exact same work! Always get more than 2 quotes to compare, compare, compare.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest but with the builder who seem to understand what you want to achieve and who seems interested in doing the job.

Really follow your guts. Obvisouly if all the references you call are good that is a good sign. Better even, if you can see the work that has been done.