Our new fridge

The smell was definitely not the watermelon

After ordering a Zanussi in John Lewis, we changed are mind and ordered a BOSCH. After spending days reading fridge sizes and specifications, most importantly checking the size, we found nice online videos of people actually showing the fridge, which gave us a clearer idea of what we wanted. Freezer space was as important at fridge space and a must was freezer at bottom as well as 60cm width maximum.

We bought the BOSCH – Exxcel KGH34X05GB Fridge Freezer for £ 397.00. And after sending paperwork from the website, we got 100% cash back.

Photo credit (right) from tigermadstanley.hubpages.com via Pinterest.

Our new fridge:
the BOSCH –
Exxcel KGH34X05GB
Fridge Freezer