I could be a ‘house doctor’

The first time I watched the House Doctor I was immediately hooked. Nothing like a good before and after makeover, to make you feel better but this time it was to help sellers, sell their property that has been onthe market for so long. They found out why and the house doctor worked her magic. And the next day the house is sold! I love it.

Before and after. Photo credit housedoctor.co.uk

I found it very refreshing and inspirationnal and the next time Ann Meurice is looking for an apprentice I might apply. Here is an example of of what her team does.

I often wondered if I could do it and I think the answer is yes.


My first success was when a friend was trying to sell her property, I told her i come around and have a look if I could spot what was stopping people from buying. Before I even entered the house I spotted the first curb appeal faux: a border of yellow paint paint was surrounding the front door. My friend being Brazilian loved bright colours and I assured her that painting it white would help the sell. She accepted an offer that very same week.

My second success was the sale of my flat two years ago. But I’ll save that story for another blog post.