First step to achieve the new Master bedroom

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I quote in bold Jason Gracia, from and will try to follow it.

“Think of three goals that you’d like to achieve in the near future.”

We already installed new windows last January. So I would like to achieve renovating our master bedroom: new walls with insulation, new electricity, new ceiling, new flooring, new radiator, possibly build-in storage, new bed and new mattress.
Before Christmas would be nice.
And thirdly on budget.

“Best case scenario that will result when you follow through and actually get what you wanted.”

The best outcomes of having our new bedroom would be:

  • things have a place and are easy to find
  • our clothes are organised and crease free
  • we sleep well because the room is tidy and clutter-free
  • the temperature is perfect because we have insulated the walls
  • it’s a beautiful room to retreat into when I want a break
  • and I can show it off on my blog

“What is the first step to making this happen? Think small, very small. I want you to actually do it, and if it’s too big, you’ll find a reason to put it off. (As we all do.) Think only of the tiniest step you can take to initiate your chosen goal.”

I think our firs tstep is to write down all the things we need to do like empty room, remove wallpaper, replace radiator, plaster etc.

Second step will be figuring out the order in which to do them.
Third step will be to see if we can do any of the tasks ourselves (to save money).
Fourth step will be to get professionnal quotes and step five: start the work.

Thanks for getting us started Jason.