Cost to remove a radiator

We just made a list of what needs doing in the bedroom:


  • Remove radiators in all bedrooms
  • Cap gas pipe below floor
  • Install radiator


Skim room: ceiling/walls


  • Move light switch to different wall
  • Move ceiling light cable to middle of room
  • Chase loose cable inside wall
  • Make two lighting cables from walls either side of fireplace
  • 4 mains sockets: reinstall 2, create 2 new one


Repair ceiling and insulate

Insulate outside wall with plasterboard

New skirting/door architraves

New door

Aerial  Analogue aerial under floorboard – splits into next room

Carpet/underlay not sure yet we might have wooden floor

To get an idea of cost, I started with  quotes or cost to remove a radiator, temporarely in order to plaster walls: Interesting list to compare byb town/region in England at the price sharing community: see radiator list.


Detailed Description of Work Price/Cost Units Location Last Updated
To remove and replace 8 radiators 4 double 2000x400mm and 4 singles 1300x600mm. Change pipework to fit new rads. Fit thermostatic valves. Re-fill system with inhibitor and fit a new radiator on the system in another room. Call: 07920852677 £800 item/job Gloucestershire 2011-07-10