Light at the end of the tunnel… and in our room

Nice lamp for the bedroom

Got the quote today from electrician: £379 including VAT, he is the one. Right after I read the estimate I emailed to ask for earliest date to do the work.

I can’t believe after 1 year and 5 months in the house we’re going to have a proper bedroom. Actually it will be our son: Alexandre’s bedroom. We decided to switch room and give him that one. It has light from 10am to 6pm, which will be great whenhe’s older and can play in his room. We’ll have the other bedroom, which is only 15 centimetres wider but offer us more options for storage, and it overlooks the garden.

Photo credit: Turquoise lamp: Eclectic children lighting by Ornate Home, I found on

I’ll keep you posted.

One thing that will be changed:
switch will be put INSIDE the wall.