Where are all the plasterers?

Yes, I ordered 5 plasterers. What they are no more?

Electrical work=done, wallpaper, floor, skirting removed = done. We are still looking for a plasterer.

First 2 quotes were out of this world.
The one that gave us hope ‘hurt’ his wrist and can’t work.
Tonight’s man, did not seem interested to do the job: then why come to my home and waste 15 min of my time if you dont want to do the job? I just want a plasterer to make it all look nice so I can start paiting and give Alexandre the room he deserves.
Sorry for the rant* p=a=t=i=e=n=c=e I need.

Interesting thread of discussions with plasterers describing the work  and cost on moneysavingexpert.com.
Image to represent all the phone calls I make to hunt down a plasterer.
Photo credit from decorno blogspot site via Pinterest.