Plumber John

Do I look like a plumber to you?

Tom the plasterer’s friend: John has come this Tuesday. Now every night I meet with a plasterer or plumber I’m getting expert at this.

He looks just like Moustatki, first name George, one of my favorite French artist (Pictured)

Anyway, he was very friendly and that and said that because he has to come twice, one to cap pipes, drain all the pipes to cut some. Then come back after paslter/paint work done, it would cost us £400. I found that still a lot BUT as I’m getting fed up with quotes. I might go with it. I give myself until tomorrow as a plasterer and a plumber are coming, these will be my final quotes, I can no longer delay, even if it will cost more.

Winter is approaching. We have no radiators on the first floor of the house. It’s not good. Let’s make it happen.

Photo credit: from From via Pinterest. If you are interest, listen to ‘Le Meteque’ on Youtube, one of my old times favourites.