My boss is the best

‘Of course you can work from home, as long as I can work from home myself’ said the best boss.

I decided to look more at the positive tonight. Instead of moaning of plumber harrassing me and other dark corner of my home being messy and not lived in. I want to say “my boss is the best”. Not many people will say that, but mine is. I asked today if I could work from hoem next week for 4 days as the plasterer will work in both my bedrooms and she accepted. Am I the luckiest employee ever? thank you boss!

Photo credit Wikipedia for Michael Scott/Steve carell, boss in the Office, American version. A show I was not sure about as I loved the UK version so much. But it has been the funniest show I watched in the passed few years. And for those inthe know: “how do you make a table?”.