Saturday’s building work

The pipes were dry and that was good

I texted John last night saying ‘see you tomorrow’. He showed up as promised at 9.30AM to

  • cut radiator pipes to be under floorboard level (so the plasterer can insulate the walls)
  • drain first floor pipes
  • cap off the bedroom gas pipes that was popping up in front of chimney breast.

All done but as he was working (lots of sawing, banging, loud noises) his ‘mate’ Tom, our plasterer, called to ask if he could drop some stuff. So he did and stayed an extra 5 hours!

No plumber was going to stop me reading this book

He basically started the work of insulating the bedrooms upstairs. Ahead of Monday. Although I am glad he started the work, it was unexpected and changed our  plans for the day.

Photos to come soon. For now another nice pic from my Pinterest board via And Vintage Waterworks Game, DIY, plumber, plumbing, leaky pipes, wrench, card game, bathtub. $10.00, via Etsy  by  SmilingCatVintage.