The room that will never be lived in

The plasterer kinda lost it to say the least

OK so obvioulsy it was too good to be true. Tom arrived today 7.30AM and worked. Called me in around 2.30 to check his work as he was ‘finished’. Me impressed, said ” you work fast”. Then when I saw the room I saw why he was finished, because he was not! Ceilings: untouched in both rooms. Box room: 2 walls not done, he only plastered the 2 walls that he insulated. Other bedroom: he only plastered the outside wall and chimney breast, that he insulated. “I’m sorry, huge miscommunication, I did not know you wanted everything done”. What?! Amd I hearing this? Lazyness more like. He said a room on average fullt plastered is £500. So of course for £600 I was not going to get it all done. What? I feel so stupid. Of course I did not write down all I wanted on paper. Which you MUST. So he said for that money: £600 labour +£200 material (insulation boards) that was never the whole room. Me, shocked to say the least points out that obviously we can paint the other rotten walls, why did he think I wanted to plaster only 1 wall? I don’t understand builders. Why would you not plaster a ceiling when it clearly needs it and I asked for it?? I am so fuming and upset right now. In the end he said he was going to ask someone else he knows to come finish the work!!!

I am not happy but at least the work is done is good and the room feel already warmer!

Photo from Pinterest. I’ll add more pics shortly.