How to makeover a bedroom – tips

bluebed Tidy, relaxing, beautiful, that’s the bedroom you want. As tidy as a hotel’s bedroom but with your personality. All you have is a shell of a room and you are not sure how to start, well here are some tips I learnt from hands-on experience. 

Get inspiration

Measure and plan

  • floor space, wall height, windows and door for choosing furniture and other items later on
  • electricity: where you want your mains point: double socket each site of the bed, one wall for side table or TV, really think how you will use the room
  • plastering (average full room £800) and painting (pot paints x square coverage) or wallpaper (from £2/roll to £100 per roll)
  • plumbing will have to be done after plastering so the new radiator can be fitted in front of a fresh new plastered and painted wall
  • if you are not doing the work yourself, get at least three quotes to compare
  • stick to your guns. Many tradesman want to cut corner, do what they want to do. If you don’t want a vent there, don’t have it. If you don’t want an arial there, don’t do it. If the tradesman is funny about it either choose someone else or make sure they will stick to your wishlist.


  • when hiring builders or tradesman, demand the quote in writing where you have listed everything you want and a breakdown of the fees
  • confirm their working day and hours the day before. Sometimes they forget they booked you or breakdown of comms on their side
  • be available. Ideally you are on site on the day so if they have questions you can confirm what’s what. If not on site, call every couple of hours to check progress and leave drawing and instructions on A4 and post-its
  • before paying: check the work and pay only after thee work is done, not before. A good tradesman will have no problem with this. Electrician should provide you with a certificate.

Before and during

  • Think about where you will sleep during the work and where you will access your clothes and beddings
  • Make sure room is empty so tradesman have space to work in. Building work like this get a bit dusty so be prepared for this by closing the door or making sure you air the room regularly
  • Choose skirtings you like and not what you are being suggested
  • Don’t forget to choose a new door and new handle if need be
  • Buy enough paint for the painting, you don’t want to run out while almost finished with a wall/ceiling
  • If you pay cash, some tradesman will give you some money off. If you dont ask you don’t get.
  • carpet – or any flooring – can take a few weeks to be delivered and fitted, keep this in mind if you have furniture delivery