Food: 14 best brands


Shopping or sitting that was the question, at least her shoes matched the trolley colour. (Photo credit: Etsy via Pinterest)

This article is the most interesting in Glamour June 2014. I won’t copy it, I will put my highlights.

  1. quaker oats: 40g with milk, perfect fuel. Why is it good? nothing is added to this oats
  2. dolmio original sauce for Bolognese low fat: mix with lean mince to top jacket potatoe
  3. sun-apt crunchy peanut butter: great protein source for vegetarians and post-work-out snack. Crunchy is higher in fiber than smooth.
  4. cathedral city mature cheddar cheese: piece as small as matchbox provides 1 third of daily calcium intake
  5. Weetabix: with skimmed milk and berries, low fat, high fibre, iron full snack, control with 2 portions.
  6. napolina olive oil: one tea spoon per person
  7. actimel yogurt drink 0% fat in strawberry: 15% of your daily calcium intake, good to ease bloating or stomach discomfort
  8. marmite: source of vitamin B, free from colouring and preservatives
  9. hovis wholemeal bread sliced: releases energy slowly and fibre
  10. birds eye salmon with sweet chilli and inger sauce: oily fish offer omega-3 essential fatty acids
  11. lurpak lighter spreadable with olive oil: no added flavouring or preservatives
  12. activia prune layer: low-fat and probiotics, good for your gut
  13. rowse pure and natural blossom honey: instead of sugar in hot drinks, yogurt, porridge
  14. Jaffa cakes: low-calories, light, quick-acting