Why the bathroom needs doing

Bathroom March 2011

Bathroom March 2011

As you can see from my photo, just a few things are not up to standards:

The tiles old beigy with corn flowers design are not straight, the sealant is cracked, there are holes where attachment shave been removed and holes not filled. The shower head trickles, there is not  much presure coming through. The bathtub and sink (and the toilet next door) are avocadoo green, not my style, really. The seal along the bath and bath taps is broken so water goes through.

There is a small radiator not connected to the heating system so there is no heating in there. There is a cuplboard at the end of the bath where the water tank linked to the boiler was, this will be replaced as well. We will knock through the toilet wall to make one single room bigger. There are cobwebs on the celing. Ceiling which is not straight. The ceiling light is switched on by a cord you pull and that cord is black from filth.

At the moment, when you sit on the toilet, your knees touch the door in front of you and it is absolutely freezing because the air vent is massive, this will have to be blocked as well.

The flooring is poorly laid out piece of vynil, cut by someone who had no glasses.

There are pipes in the wall that have lots of space around them when they go through the wall. There so many gaps, it’s a wonder people actually lived in here before.

But after a good scrub, a baby bath mat to wash our 1 year old, it’s usable. I also bought mats in Marks and Spencer to brighten up the place but mostly to stop us from freezing our feet in that fridge/bathroom. This will have to do until we find a builder and get the work done.

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